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10 Most Interesting Looking Orchids

In the "The Private Life of Plants" series by David Attenborough, he talks about a whole range of orchids which have managed to mimic a female wasp or bee. Apart from these sexual deceptive orchids, there are a whole variety of them, all ranging from different sizes and colours. So, here is just a small collection from the 26,049 accepted species of Orchid.
1. Bee orchid
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#13 Just For Her Eggs

There seems to be so many dedicated mothers out there. One of them lives in the deep sea of the pacific ocean, the Giant Pacific octopus. The male octopuses can weigh up to 40kg, but there was one record of a 182kg monster. The giant pacific octopus was thought to be the longest living octopus with a life expectancy of 3-5 years. However, this is still not a long time to live and so, a giant octopus has to grow quickly if it is to breed before it dies.

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Gnato Architecture Photography feature

Even though this is a blog about nature and such, I couldn't help but incorporating photography. On Deviantart there is a photographer, Oleksandr Hnatenko and I really love his architecture photos. He is a professional photographer who has had his work published in several magazines and has been featured in various exhibitions and contests. So here is a little feature of his work.
y twist

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In the News - February 2012

In the News - February 2012

Good News
WOW! There has been a Giraffe baby boom in February! As I mentioned in my last news edition (January 2012), Giraffe populations have dropped massively in the wild. So, this is really great news for the Giraffes and the people who care about them :)

So here is a list of Giraffe babies of February!

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay's Female Giraffe calf. Source:

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Interview with Dark-Raptor from Deviantart

So if you missed out on what is happening today, take a look at my previous photography feature, which gave a sneak peak into some of Dark-raptor's work and also just some general info about them.
To recap, Dark-raptor is a deviantart account which contains photos taken by Dariusz Kucharski (who also does all the post-processing and uploading of photos) and his wife, Kornelia Kucharska.

So, without further ado, here is my interview Dariusz Kucharsk.

 This received a Daily Deviation in 2011: Calliteara pudibunda by Dark-Raptor