Tuesday, 21 February 2012 By: Jenny Vu

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I got the idea of writing this post after seeing the picture below. It is something greatly and very deeply hurts me.
This was made by and found on: ferdi-rizkiyanto.blogspot.com.au
Not many people actually realise how much rubbish and waste actually goes into the oceans. Countless amounts of animals die every day from this rubbish and waste which we let drift or fly away into waterways, drains and natural water systems like lakes and rivers. So many animals try to eat this plactic, thinking it's food, only to choke and die. Others get trapped and suffocate or drown. Turtles, seabirds, seals, dolphins, all die because of our silly mistakes.

Ever heard of the Great pacific Garbage patch? No? It is a floating patch of garbage in the pacific ocean which stretches from the coast of California to Japan. Please watch this video below to learn more.

And here is another video, it is an animation which describes the same thing but it has really great drawings.

I hope you've learnt something new. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

so sad... :( that turtle is the worst.

Jenny Vu said...

I know :( plastic has such significant effects on creatures, I just can't believe that people choose to ignore these problems.

Anonymous said...

I like that you are talking about this problem but the thing is that this is not a Natural Wonder... Its the opposite its man made. its just a current and we dumped shit tons of garbage into it.

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