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10 Most Interesting Looking Orchids

In the "The Private Life of Plants" series by David Attenborough, he talks about a whole range of orchids which have managed to mimic a female wasp or bee. Apart from these sexual deceptive orchids, there are a whole variety of them, all ranging from different sizes and colours. So, here is just a small collection from the 26,049 accepted species of Orchid.
1. Bee orchid
 2. Spider Orchid
An Orchid from the Caladenia family.
"Following a perfume trail to its source, male wasps in Australia ravish a king spider orchid. Sure the red "lip" is a mate, they rub against it; one will take away the plant's pollen. Every orchid has a petal modified for pollination, some theatrically so".

 3. Dendrobium Spectabile.

"In addition to the eight new orchids recently discovered in Papua New Guinea, scientists also found previously known but still impressive species, including this exquisitely ruffled Dendrobium spectabile."


4. Butterfly Orchid

Psychopsis papilio

5. Dracula Orchid
Dracula robledorum
6. Lady's Slipper Orchids

Lady's Slipper Orchid,
Cypripedium calceolus
Cypripedium calceolus Source:
7. Bearded Orchids
Calochilus robertsonii Source:
8. Venus' Fan Bulbophyllum

Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris Source:
Close up Source:
9. Dancing Lady orchid
Oncidium sp. Source:
10. Schomburgkia Orchid
schomburgkia undulata Source:


Whether well-known or yet to be discovered, the plants and animals of New Guinea's rain forests face mounting threats as oil and gas operations continue to expand in the region, according to the WWF scientists who discovered the flowers.

"The sad reality is that many of these plants … may become extinct before they have even been discovered," WWF forest ecologist Olo Gebia said in a statement on October 16.

"This gives even greater urgency to ensuring the long-term conservation of this remarkable region."

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If you enjoyed this post, you can read more about sexually deceptive orchids here. Its a national geographic article called "Love and Lies" written all about them.

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Almost like they're from another planet.

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I know, they are all very strange looking.

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