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Photography Feature: Dark-Raptor

With 4 daily deviations on Deviantart, it is clear that Dark-raptor has some serious camera skills. For those who don't know about Deviantart, it is a website where artists of all kinds (such as painters, photographers, graphic designers and drawers to name a few) can upload their work, recieve crituques and share their artworks with a greater and global audience. 

I have been following (watching in Deviantart language) Dark-raptor for quite a while now and I've always enjoyed their photos so, I chose to get to know Dark-Raptor and learn about their camera equipment. In my interview with Dark-raptor, I learned that two biologists contributed to the Dark-raptor account, Dariusz Kucharski and his wife Kornelia Kucharska.

Later this week, I will post up the interview with Dariusz Kucharski, who publishes all the photos onto deviantart but, for now, here is a little taste of what's to come. Enjoy!! :)

The Larvae of a Wasp - Digger II

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I got the idea of writing this post after seeing the picture below. It is something greatly and very deeply hurts me.
This was made by and found on:
Not many people actually realise how much rubbish and waste actually goes into the oceans. Countless amounts of animals die every day from this rubbish and waste which we let drift or fly away into waterways, drains and natural water systems like lakes and rivers. So many animals try to eat this plactic, thinking it's food, only to choke and die. Others get trapped and suffocate or drown. Turtles, seabirds, seals, dolphins, all die because of our silly mistakes.

#12 The Long Tail feathers of the Widowbird

Every man tries the most outrageous things in order to impress the girls. Well, for a widowbird, the most impressive thing is his tail feathers. There are only a few species of widowbirds and they all live in different parts of Africa. Having long tail feathers for a male widowbird is favoured by females as it suggests that their offspring will not only be good looking, but good looking enough that their offspring will also be able to mate and therefore carry on their genes. This is quite crucial as that is pretty much the basis of the life of any creature, plant or animal.

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#11 The Moonwalking Bird

In my post "The 10 Best Ways To Attract a Mate (Bird Style)", I talked about 10 different techniques birds use to court and attract mates. For the next few days, I will be writing about each bird I mentioned in the post. Since I have already written about the Lyrebird (#1 in the 'attract a mate' post), I will start with #2. The Moonwalking bird.

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#10 The Dancing Peacock Spider - Interview With Jurgen Otto

In the bushlands of Sydney, lives an most unexpected resident. It is rarely ever seen but if you keep your eyes open, you may spot it. It's a 4mm long spider with the most spectacular array of colours and an even more spectacular dance. This tiny jumping spider is the peacock spider (Maratus volans).

Photo taken by Jurgen Otto Source: Jurgen's flickr
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#9 Dedicated Frog Parents

These frogs may seem to have beautiful colours and patterns, but they are just warnings that they're poisonous. And what's that little black thing on it's back? Could it be!?.......Yes, they are tadpoles.

Golden Poison Dart Frog male carrying tadpole Source: nationalgeographicstock

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The 10 Best Ways To Attract a Mate (Bird Style)

1.     Serenade them with a love song.

2.     Show her your dance moves. Every girl can’t help but fall for a guy with the smooth moves. Like this Bird. It can moonwalk.

Maniquin Bird Gif - Maniquin Bird
Watch more about it here.