Friday, 3 February 2012 By: Jenny Vu

The 10 Best Ways To Attract a Mate (Bird Style)

1.     Serenade them with a love song.

2.     Show her your dance moves. Every girl can’t help but fall for a guy with the smooth moves. Like this Bird. It can moonwalk.

Maniquin Bird Gif - Maniquin Bird
Watch more about it here.

3.     Have some really long tail feathers. Even if it's an inconvenience. At least all the girls will see how 'fit' you are.

4.     Get some super colourful feathers. Who cares if you end up looking like a rainbow or a hippie, at least all the ladies will dig you.

So colourful. So Manly. Source:

5.     Blow up your throat like a balloon.

6.     Give your lady friend some gifts of food. 

Winner. Photo taken by: Gary Hamilton Source:

7.     Pamper her with some grooming.
8.     Be an excellent builder. Every gal likes a man who can make a nice home for her eggs.

Red-headed Weaver: "I'm a pro 'weaver'!" Source:

9.     Have amazing interior design skills. The more colourful and creative your place looks, the better.

This guy has a taste for blue. Source:

10.  Have some nice armpits.
Nice armpits is all this bird needs to impress the ladies.


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