About Me

Hi, my name’s Jenny. I hope your enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy writing it.
As a small girl, I always wanted to be a vet or to work with animals but, I didn’t want to have to put down the animals, so I decided to be a conservationist instead.
I am currently completing a Bachelor of Biodiversity and Conservation at Macqaurie University, Sydney, Australia. I once dreamed of doing conservation work at a zoo, working with the animals in breeding programs but lately, my life has turned me on a different direction.
Since 2010, I’ve had a growing passion for photography and I hope to one day be known worldwide as a professional. To see all my photography and other artworks, please visit my deviantart page. My work is greatly influenced by my passion and love of nature, of the environment and the amazing creatures that live alongside us. 
My goal is to showcase the beauty of the natural world which consists of landscapes, skyscapes, and all of the living things including wildlife and flora. I want my work to speak wonders to people and to show them how much this world is worth fighting for. It's beauty and tranquility has been disrupted and destroyed by human beings and now it is our time to give back to the place we call home, planet Earth. And as the saying goes; a picture can say 1000 words.
Secret Hiding Place
In saying this, the goal of this blog is to not only to showcase the beauty of the nature of the world but, to showcase their beauty from the eyes of the worlds’ photographers. These photographers often capture the beauty that we disregard in our everyday lives.
One of my inspirations is Steve Parish, an Australian Photographer and Publisher. I learnt about him when I asked my mum to buy me a children’s encyclopedia about Australian Marine life that was filled with amazing photographs. On that day, I was actually lucky enough to meet him in person as he had an exhibition open and he autographed the book for me. From there, the seed was planted and my interest has grown since.
Freedom isn't Free
 In the past year, I’ve also surrounded myself with various documentaries and books about wildlife, including the classic documentaries by David Attenborough. He is an amazing naturalist who really does show the world the things we miss everyday or may never get the chance to see in our lives.
I hope you find my blog enlightening and magical just as the earth itself is.
On a side note, I’m also quite into crafts and have a nick for making things with my hands. I’ve recently started a small business with a friend making kanzanshi flowers and other handmade goodies. If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit my other blog: Chibi Kimono  to see what’s in progress and what’s on offer (though it’s still a work in progress).
Have a good day and thanks for reading :)


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