Thursday, 10 May 2012 By: Jenny Vu

Kuma-x Photography Feature

So our next photographer lives in the a lovely small country in the middle of Europe - the Czech Republic. Her name is Kuma and she's into all types of photography but, I'm going to be featuring some of her landscapes. Enjoy :)

How did you get into photography? 
Why are you interested in taking photos?

Kuma: I always loved to travel and I wanted to keep my travel memories in some visual form so photography was a clear choice for me. The most I love landscapes and travel photography and also everything nature related.

And the most important thing in photography? LIGHT! That's my philosophy!

Just Before Sunrise: Prague City

Fairy Land: The mossy forest on a hillside of the Berinchang - Cameron Highlands - Malaysia
Summer Dream: The lonely beach on Zakynthos island - Greece
Keri: The cliffs near Keri Lighthouse on Zakynthos island - Greece
Somewhere over the Tea: Tea plantations - Cameron Highlands - Malaysia.

If you've enjoyed Kuma's photos, please visit her Deviantart page: Kuma-x
Thanks again to Kuma for letting me feature her work :)


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