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#3 A Black and White Bear

It's scientific name translates to "Black and White Cat-foot" and even the Chinese call it a cat! But, we all know that Giant Pandas are really bears.

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The Giant Panda is native to China however, before humans intervened, they used to live in northern Vietnam, and almost the whole of China. Now they can only be found in a few mountain ranges in China. Take a look at what their living areas have dwindled to.
Source: worldwildlife.org

The panda's diet pretty much only consists of bamboo (99%) apart from the odd fish, insect and eggs. In certain seasons, they eat different parts of the bamboo, sometimes eating the shoots and sometimes eating the leaves. Since Panda's have the digestive system of a carnivore, it can't efficiently digest bamboo and thus the average adult panda has to eat 10 - 18 kg of bamboo PER DAY just to get enough nourishment. Therefore, once a Panda is full, it sleeps.

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Giant Panda's are solitary animals and are rarely ever seen together. Because of this, they leave scent marks, peeing and rubbing themselves against trees and rocks. This lets other Panda's passing by know "I was here" and provides information about sex and condition.

Their mating season is from mid-March to mid-May and during this time, the females are fertile for only about 2-7 days. Even so, the males might not even be able to mate with a female due to the fact he may not be able to find one or from laziness. Like now is really a great time for Panda's to be lazy! Even if a female gets pregnant, she may only have 1 or 2 cubs but on very rare occasions will she attempt to rear 2. 
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Unfortunately, these furry guys are endangered due to poaching and lost of habitat from deforestation. Even the range of habitat of the Giant Panda is slowly shrinking due to logging operations, which many of them are illegal. Giant Panda's also do not survive well in captivity. Despite the efforts of dedicated volunteers, scientists and conservationists, large numbers of panda's in captivity don't survive.

If you want to help, please have a look at the World Wildlife Fund's Act Now page by clicking on their logo below. It will show you various ways that you can help the conservation and protection of Panda's and heaps of other animals!
 For more information on Giant Panda's, please visit the World Wildlife Fund's page on Pandas.

And anyway, Panda's just wanna have fun.

Source: imageshack.us

On another note, here are some campaign posters I found while searching WWF in google images. Have a look here to see some more posters.


"What will it take until we respect the planet?" Source:adsoftheworld.com

"Fashion claims more victims then you think" Source: adoholik.com


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