Monday, 30 January 2012 By: Jenny Vu

#8 The Lying Lyrebird

This bird really knows how to copy other peoples sounds. The Lyrebird is native to Australia and it's name really suggests what it's capable of (sounding like a lyre/being a liar).

Male Lyre bird - Photo taken by Flagstaffotos Source: wikipedia

The male Lyrebirds have an amazing fanned tail with a range of different looking feathers. But that is not it, as many of you would probably know, the male Lyrebirds have the amazing ability to mimic the sounds that they hear in the forest. Not only do they mimic the sounds and songs of other birds, they can also mimic man made sounds with complete accuracy! Watch the video below for a direct demonstration.



brissiemaz said...

I've been lucky enough to witness the male Lyrebird in action at Healsville in Victoria.
It's wonderful to see such amazing footage. Thank you for your delightful blog.

Jenny Vu said...

:) I'm glad you've enjoyed it. Thanks for reading.

HJ Smylski said...

Heh, I remember hearing about this bird.

Saw a funny parody of the current video shown.

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