Sunday, 19 August 2012 By: Jenny Vu

Creatures I've Discovered Recently

I've been lucky enough to spot some really cool creatures in the past week. I have posted all these photos onto a website called Project Noah. A website that hopes to document all the world's organisms with the help of everyone on earth who are willing to share their captures. They hope that by making it easy for people to upload and share their encounters with nature, they can build a ecological data collection which will serve as an important educational tool for wildlife awareness and preservation. If you enjoy finding little creatures in your backyard or out in the 'wild', I greatly encourage you to join in and help us discover the great diversity of organisms that live on this Earth.

And here are the little guys I've discovered.

 This little guy is Kongobatha diademata or a Snake Mantid. He seems to be a juvenile or a young one as it's arms are slightly transparent and not solid in colour and doesn't have wings. He was about only 3cm long.

We first found this little guy on my friend's shoulder until he jumped onto the grass. I picked him up and he seemed to be quite content on my hand, cleaning his little arms. So, I was able to snap a few shots and they turned out really well!

Check out the other photos here.

My second discovery was an orange bracket fungi (Pycnoporus coccineus). This guy was growing around the twig coming out of the trunk.

Check out the other photos here.

There is also a family of Wood ducks at uni! These cute 8 little ducklings are just walking around with their parents learning the ways of being a duck. I wasn't able to get too close because the male duck was fending off anyone who tried to get near them. Other ducks and people alike.

See more photos here.

The next 'specimen' is a little Warratah Anemone (Actinia tenebrosa). We had a look at this guy in Animal structure and Function underneath a dissecting microscope (just a microscope that helps magnify 3D objects). I asked my tutor where they gathered these anemones and she said at Long Reef Platform. So everyone go there if you wanna poke these guys!

Well that's it for now. I hope you've enjoyed reading this. If you have any questions please post a comment.

For more information about Project Noah, please visit this link:

To look at my other spottings on Project Noah, visit this link:

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