Saturday, 4 August 2012 By: Jenny Vu

In the News - July 2012

So I just started uni this week and have been fully booked out with uni everyday. My posting will be quite delayed and not very often. I apologize for my inability to post heaps of exciting things for you guys to read! But, I'm glad that you have been reading my blog and continuously checking back for new things to read :) I hope you enjoy this post! I have some interesting news for you in the month of July.

Now this is dedication. Above is a photo taken of zoo manager of the La Boissiere-du-Doree zoo in West France, Senastien Laurent feeding Major some cake for his 50th Birthday. Major is known as the world's oldest captive orangutan. Zoo keepers helped him celebrate the milestone with a strawberry cake with his own candles. Happy Birthday!

Princess, the white Lioness gave birth to six beautiful cubs at the Circus Krone, one of Europe's largest circuses. This birth has been greatly celebrated around the world as it is estimated to be only 30 to 300 white lions left in the world.

A very cute and rare albino South American fur seal was born in Dortmund, western Germany. He is currently eight weeks old and is adorable but due to his condition, he suffers from multiple health problems including having sensitive eyes. Unfortunately, his mother also suddenly died leaving the zoo keepers to hand rear the pup. Though, I'm sure the young seal will be greatly taken care of and won't miss out on any normal seal adventures. Read more and see more photos of him here.

Well, that's all I have for this news edition. I hope you've enjoyed reading.


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