Sunday, 24 June 2012 By: Jenny Vu

#17 Transforming Owl

There is an owl in Africa that the Japanese are fascinated with. It is the Northern White Faced Owl.


This owl is fairly small and so, to ward off enemies (larger owls) it 'transforms' itself. This amazing ability was showcased in a Japanese tv show.

As seen in the video, when the owl is faced with another owl that is slightly larger than itself, it puffs its wings up to appear as large as possible. But when the owl is faced with something much larger than itself, it pulls its feathers inwards, elongates its body and narrow its eyes to thin slits. It uses this ability to change its appearance as a means of camouflage. Many other types of owls and birds adopt this method of camouflage. It is said that these birds squeeze their bodies to look like a broken tree branch and some even narrow their eyes to slits and fold their wings over their chest (like Dracula) to hide their lighter-coloured feathers. (Information adapted from wikipedia and animal_oddities). I Hope you've enjoyed this post. :)


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