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Tamyl91 Interview - Bugs Show a Playful Side

With 3 Daily Deviations (DD), Tamyl91 is doing pretty well as a amateur hobbyist photographer on Devintart. Tamyl91's real name is Kamil. He lives in Poland where he apparently has "easy access" to the little creatures he captures with his camera. Take a look at his photos and interview!

Dressage - Given a DD in 2010

What camera and equipment do you use?
Kamil: I use Canon 350D + Tamron 90/2.8 lens and sometimes a regular, cheap tripod, nothing much.

Since you have such "easy access" to insects, do you have a special interest in them? if so, why do you find them interesting?
Well, I'm not really interested in insects, but since I started taking pictures of them I learned their names and I can easily distinguish them.
Back - His latest DD, given in 2011
Dew - For comparison to the image above. This is the dragonfly that the close up photo above is taken from. However, please take note that they are not the same photo, the photo above was taken separately from this one.
Do you only take photos of insects?

No, I also like to make portraits and landscapes, but I don't publish them on the internet yet.

Do you edit the photos?

I use Lightroom to adjust the white balance and exposure, and Photoshop to increase contrast and sometimes saturation + color balance (of course I also sharp my photos after resize and treat them with NeatImage to have a clean picture).

In your current Deviantart gallery, 
which is your favourite photo and why?

Well... It's really hard to choose choose one favorite, but I can say that I really like this one:

Tiger Beetle
that's because I spent about 2 hours lying on the sand to get the picture of this crazy guy, who can't stay in one place for a second! And when I've shot this I was satisfied with the sharpness, composition and the light very much.
I can also say, that I don't like my old photos from compact camera + diffused flash... I can't stand those unnatural colors that I loved a few years ago, now I love the nature as it is.

Colias alfacariensis - Common name is Berger's Clouded Yellow
And why don't you publish your portrait and landscape photos? 

And the thing about landscapes - you have to live in an attractive region to make good landscapes, Poland isn't the most beautiful place in the world.

Dragonfly at the Morning
Why did you get into photography? 
What do you think photography allows you to do? 
Is there any type of special message you want to express with your photos?

I don't really know why, I just fell in love with photography. I was always fascinated by great photos, not only macro, but mainly. One day I bought a digital camera and that's how it started.

Special message? Not really.
I just want to share the beauty of macro-scale nature with people who often don't know how magic it is. A lot of people say something like "I didn't know it looks so amazing in close-up, this is gorgeous" when they see my pictures, I feel really good hearing such things

Thanks again to Kamil for letting me interview him and for sharing these amazing photos.
If you want to see his other work, please visit his deviantart page:

And sorry for the absence in posting. I hope my posts in the next few weeks will make up for that :)


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I like that pic with the butterfly. Very neat.


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